The Hadley FloodSAFE™ House

As flooding continues to devastate homes and livelihoods, and housing developers constantly battle the risk of building on land susceptible to varying degrees of flooding, the FloodJack® system is under development to help prevent future damage, protecting housing and allowing families to return home as soon as possible.

The first functional Hadley FloodSAFE™ House has been developed in partnership between Hadley Group and Floodjack International, designed to detect and mitigate against a flood event, protecting homes, lives and property.

(Pictured: Boris Johnson presents the The Hadley FloodSAFE™ House)

Building the Hadley FloodSAFE™ House

A Hadley steel frame structure for a three bedroom home was repurposed for the development of the Hadley FloodSAFE™ House prototype. Hadley Group provided engineering calculations, design and manufacturing. A control panel with fixed and variable water sensors were then installed alongside the Floodjack® system; an unobtrusive mechanism which sits below the ground floor of the house.

The Test House

In the Hadley FloodSAFE™ House, there is a central control station which monitors the water level in a flood event of all the Hadley FloodSAFE Houses, and the system will always endeavour to remain at least 150mm above water level. The sensors which are located around the site which activates the FloodJack® System, and also located underneath the Hadley FloodSAFE™ House to which ensure the individual Hadley FloodSAFE™ Houses are safe from the flooding event, and ensure the house is safely returned to its non-event position. If any obstructions are detected, the house will automatically stop until such obstacles are removed.

The following video demonstrates how the Hadley FloodSAFE™ House works in a flood event, lifting the whole structure safely away from even the worst flood events.

The Future of the Hadley FloodSAFE™ House

The Hadley FloodSAFE™ House will be a fully functional house, and will move to HR Wallingford, the largest wet water testing facility in Europe to gain its Flood Protection Certification. This Hadley FloodSafe House™ will also undergo further rigorous testing to showcase its capabilities, including being lived in within the test environment.


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