The Industry’s Manufacturer of Choice

From the Hadley heartland of Oldbury in the Midlands, HOME living spaces are designed and constructed to consumer needs using Hadley’s world renowned precision engineering and best in class Advanced Methods of Construction.

Partnering with others in the industry, Hadley already enable the creation of thousands of comfortable, secure homes every year. In fact, over the last five years, Hadley Steel Framing has supplied over 800,000 square metres of steel framing systems into the construction market.

Our experience set us apart from other housing providers, and we’re now delivering quality assured modular living spaces with HOME. Our capabilities mean we’re able to drive up quality and productivity whilst driving down costs, spending less time on site, and shrinking the construction industry’s carbon footprint.

Up to 80% Pre-Manufactured Value

From individual components, to frame and panel systems, to bathroom and kitchen pods, to volumetric housing modules, prefab facades, foundations and roofing. With access to Hadley’s international patented UltraSTEEL® and Hadley Steel Framing, HOME is able to deliver up to 80% pre-manufactured value.


Manufactured components

Window profiles, doors and living space elements, designed from the ground up by our in house architects. Everything is tailored for exceptional living conditions from the very beginning.

Frame systems

Hadley’s world renowned steel framing capabilities provide the backbone to Hadley HOME units; this is where the future of modular construction takes shape.

Panel systems

Where Modern Methods of construction come together, using precision engineering to manufacture HOME panelling systems in their hundreds, daily.


Expertly crafted, spacious bathroom and kitchen pods for faster and more efficient modern utilities with conveniently designed plumbing and integrated with smart tech, for safer, more enjoyable living.

Volumetric Modular units

Including prefab facades, foundations and roofing complete the HOME with an increased Pre-manufactured value of up to 80%.


The importance of PMV (Pre-Manufactured Value) explained and its direct influence on the success of MMC.

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The Benefits of HOME

Lower construction costs

Our homes comes together, with accuracy and streamlined ways of working, ensuring costs are stripped down to the absolute minimum, without compromising a penny on quality. Our units and assets are built with absolute precision and a promise to last, reducing ongoing maintenance costs and driving the need for future repairs down at the same time.

Faster construction

Our individually crafted modules and property units means we know every square inch of our properties better than anyone. We craft quality homes this way, which also means we know how to seamlessly deliver a complete installation faster, delivering more quality places to live sooner, with minimum disruption to the community.

Consistent quality

Our units and subsequent properties are designed, constructed and assembled to the very highest UK and international standards. Streamlined MMC and AMC processes are tried, tested and are reliable as clockwork, with quality control procedures that keep production at optimum levels of efficiency daily.

Flexible and adaptable space

We build for growing families and communities and the inevitable evolution of living. All of our units can be remodeled, reconstructed and retrofitted with suitable features, spaces or even additional floors, to upgrade the perfect living space the very moment the definition of perfect living begins to evolve.

Low running costs

Our methods of construction, assembly and installation ensure that we are able to perform at maximum efficiency, to deliver substantial results that are financially beneficial to all, from residents to social landlords to communities. Our properties are built with the same philosophy in mind; energy efficient, self-sustaining properties that keep bills low and keep the quality of life high.

A sustainable choice

We make whole life choices when it comes to every element of our homes. Every HOME affects not only the occupants inside, but the environment outside its four walls. We want to make sure construction is taking responsibility to make sure our environment is still a safe, well protected place for generations to come, long after we have successfully reached net zero.

Assured and Mortgageable

Approved by the National House Building Council (NHBC), the 60-year design life of HOME exceeds the two-term life that mortgage providers generally require. High street lenders and institutional lenders are also supportive of the technology and will openly facilitate borrowing.