Design at HOME

Built at our factory in the Midlands, where we use standardised, repeatable processes to guarantee efficiency and a quality end product, all of our modular homes are designed to exacting safety standards. We are meticulous when we design a HOME. Balancing construction cost, life-cycle costing and living experience we carefully consider all aspects of the property from foundations up. The result is a seamless living environment that can be adapted and upgraded as life changes. Meanwhile, fuel costs are reduced by up to 80% while smart home technology enhances the living experience.

HOME’s architectural brilliance can be both seen and felt. Each component and the space in which it occupies is carefully arranged so that light and space is never wasted.

Balancing a high level of energy efficiency with features designed for modern living, our homes show that modern homes can be spacious and comfortable, yet affordable. Finishing touches like the facade can be designed to suit the local area and your requirements, and the house itself is suited to a range of tenure types.

One of HOME’s key efficiency features is our Ventive MEP system, which takes heat from the outside air and transfers it to a hot water storage tank and heating distribution system.

We want to build homes that sit at the heart of happy, sustainable communities. Working with you from the very beginning of the planning and development process is a vital part of achieving that goal.

The Hadley HOME

How HOME by Hadley delivers beautiful, affordable and sustainable homes and our vision for an efficient, flexible and carbon neutral future

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The Hadley FloodSAFE™ House


The Hadley FloodSAFE™ House

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