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HOME, or Hadley Offsite Modular Engineering, is modern housing driven by social value.

Part of the Hadley Group, the UK’s market leading manufacturer of cold rolled steel, we use Advanced Methods of Construction (AMC) to shape the future of housing. With revolutionary Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) technology, our cost efficient, time and energy saving methods are here to bring resilient, adaptable and sustainable homes to our communities.

As the construction industry works diligently towards tackling the UK’s housing crisis and net zero emission targets, and seeks to minimise waste and energy consumption, HOME offers a multi-layer service model that directly contributes to all of these goals.

Our Homes

Within a HOME by Hadley property, everything is tailored for smarter, more comfortable living. Our 2 and 3 bedroom designs are 87 and 93 square metres respectively. They are complemented with generously sized rooms and can be specified to deliver open-plan living spaces.

We believe that as family-life evolves, so should the home. HOME units include adaptable future-proofing such as hatches for lift shafts and kinetic light switches; as a family grows and changes, their home will grow with them.

Through promoting life long occupancy, pollution control, sustainable living and reducing fuel poverty, our homes supports our vision for economic progress, driven by our very own communities.


We’re shaping the future of housing, delivering truly innovative quality living spaces which people will love whilst working to tackle the UK’s housing crisis, and minimise waste and energy consumption.

Our Homes

From the Hadley heartland of Oldbury in the Midlands, HOME living spaces are designed and constructed to consumer needs using precision engineering and best in class Advanced Methods of Construction.

I am genuinely very impressed by the product and what has been achieved in the time. I do not believe many people fully understand how difficult it is to re-engineer the design and construction process of residential properties to suit AMC. You should be congratulated along with the team. I have seen several organisations that have spent many years trying to change the process and multi-million £’s to produce something that I do not believe is as good as what you have achieved.

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